Apple pie protein bars

With fashion week around the corner my days becoming longer and longer. It’s all about balance in the world so if you need to give energy to people you have to take this energy from somewhere first. For me the answer was food:) like I’m sure everyone around me knows by now.IMG_9702

    Cooking is my way of expressing myself, showing gratitude, sights of affection and taking care of people. So keep us all going I made this protein bars, perfect for a quick snack and fast recharge;) They are chewy, soft with crunchy chia seeds and just a perfect balanace of tangy apples and sea buckthorn and sweet honey, with additional protein to feel full for longer:)
apple pie protein bars


  • 130 gr dried apples
  • 80 gr almonds
  • 30 gr honey or your favourite liquid sweeter
  • 20 gr coconut oil melted
  • 40 gr protein powder(I used cinnamon variety from @planethempsuerfoods)
  • 30 gr sea buckthorn powder(optional)(I used @lovearcticlife)
  • 30 gr chia seeds


  1. First pulse apples in the food processor till it mostly broken down to a little pieces, then add your liquid ingredients first, followed by protein and buckhorn powder, pulse for a few times and finely add almonds and chia seeds and process till everything comes together in a ball. Remove it from the food processor and press firmly into a square tin lined with parchment paper, refrigerate for at least an hour before cutting into bars


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