CARROTSALAD     Keeping up with healthy plant based lifestyle can be tricky if travelling or just running around whole day. Finding clean options in take aways it s .. oh not such an easy process. So I always prefer to pack my own food. It gives me great peace of mind knowing that don’t need to worry about being properly nourished during the day and it’s always fresher, much more cost efficient and taste so much better then anything that I could possibly get outside.

     So from mine experience I have few rules that I follow every single time for the best experience. Dressing always have to be carried separately, root vegetables travel the best, if you add leafy greens they have to stay on top and my salad have to completely cold then I take it out of the fridge to pop in my bag.



carrot salad1

   I used rainbow carrots here because they are so pleasing to the eye and I find that I always enjoy my food the most when it has every colour of the rainbow. They give slight taste variations which is always welcome on my table but if you can not get hold of them just substitute with normal carrots because this salad is a bomb and there is no excuse not to make it! It s fresh, crunchy, light, but filling, qualities of the perfect lunch if you would ask me, to fuel you through the day, not to way you down. I recommend toasting sesame seeds and topping salad with them just before you are going to eat to keep their flavour and texture at the best condition.

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