Perhaps with cold season at the doors it’s time to share one of my all time favourite “winter” smoothie. It’s featuring pomelo and kale, the best things that cold weather could gives us back from all the inconvenience of wrapping ourself in multiply layers in my opinion)))

 lemon kale smoothie4 copy
First time I tried pomelo back in Russia on the New Year’s table. I didn’t understood this jewel at all, it was dry and bitter.. Well you can not probably expect much if the fruit has to travel for so long just to reach you and you are totally dependant from the seller honesty with help of choosing the best one. So being dramatise by this memory I was always avoiding to buy it even when I grew up and start travelling))
But when I finally realised that I’m a vegetarian and decided to admit it to my friends and family(yeh, that’s right.. For awhile I just didn’t eat any meat or fish but I didn’t want any labels, I was feeling that it will cut my freedom, but actually happened the opposite)
So anyway when I admit that I’m vegetarian to myself first I got this hunger for trying new fruits and vegetables, expending my taste radius, if I could say that. I became much more adventurous and open to new staff.
Once during my trip to Asia, I saw this women near my apartment selling tons of big, yellow pomelos, they looked so attractive so I decided to give them another try. Let me tell you I wasn’t disappointed.. Juicy, fresh, tart and sweet at the same time, it tasted like mix of grapefruit and melon, I was hooked ever since.
lemon kale smoothie1 copy
I want to give you few tips if you never bought this fruit before, so your first experience can be better then mine)) always choose heavy for it size fruit, plump and if you rub it it should give you strong citrusy aroma.
I hope that you will get this smoothie a try, it has a bright taste and holidays like feeling for me, I like to eat it from the bowl with as many topping as I can put my hands on, wrapped up in the warm blanket and looking at the freezing cold street outside.


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