About me

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    My name is Victoria, my model name is Vick. I’m vegetarian and living gluten-free lifestyle, I can honestly say that I’m vegan but I just don’t want to put this label on myself. I try to live in the balance with the world around me and most important with myself.
    I’m very passionate about healthy lifestyle and love to share the food that I make for my loved ones. Making meals for someone it is literally my way of saying I love you and I do care for you.
   I believe in healing properties of food and like to repeat that if you eat well food is gonna be your best medicine. If you put thought into it, isn’t it just much more pleasant getting your vitamins from the real food and being able to get all these taste sensations that nature has to offer:)
   I love my job and appreciate all the opportunities that it gave to me. I traveled to so many amazing places and met some incredible people throughout my journey. Experience is truly priceless.
   Another passion of mine is yoga. I just fell in love with the practice and where it’s leading us. Its completely changed the way that I see my body and made me understand that we have all the energy inside, there are no barriers as soon as we don’t put one yourself and how important is to breath, look inside, find the peace and try to realise all the good and positive energy that is trapped so we can become the best version of ourselves  and help the others if they are ready for it.