When I was really little bananas used to be my favourite fruit, I think I even was prescribed by a doctor to eat banana a day so my sensitive stomach would be calmer.

banana-bread-granola-bananas copy So every day I would find banana in my lunchbox and I loved them, but then while growing up I got rupt up in myth that bananas makes us put on weight, they contain too much sugar and in general bananas are the evil. Oh boy, who does write such a bad articles about such a wonderful fruit? Bananas are great source of potassium, they are naturally sweet, gives you boost of energy and as I mentioned earlier do wonders to stomach.

banana-bread-granola-nutmeg copy
Yes all the fruits contain sugar but it is natural and won’t do any harm to you unless you are diagnose with diabetes. And in my opinion it is the best to eat natural source of vitamins and minerals then a bunch of pills that been created in the laboratory, let the food be your medicine:)

Back to the recipe, this granola is so yummy, crunchy, nutty, with chewy pieces of dates, it makes the great breakfast or snack. I love to top my smoothie bowls with it or eat it with coconut yogurt. And as soon as you put in in the oven it will make your house smell wonderful, which is always a nice compliment of cooking some pretty things;)


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