I always was so sceptical about fruits in a salad, for me it was like mixing dessert and main in one bowl and eating everything with a big spoon, so practically a mess in my opinion… 

   But I guess it s a part of growing up or becoming a foodie Im not quite sure… overcoming your stereotypes.


   So I been trying new exciting things and looking with new prospective at old favourites… One of them was trying adding berries in my salads and particularly this combination rocked my world. Yep.. this is pretty big statement but for me it was a sensation. Strawberries added so much sweetness and tanginess! at the same time to this black rice salad and compliment perfectly all the other veggies.

IMG_2295 copy

   I think black rice deserves a little notice as well, because simply Im not a rice person but forbidden rice(pretty intriguing name don’t you think??) holds it place highly in my heart. It’s so  slightly nutty, chewy and extremely delicious with any dressing or on its own. It has very impressive health benefits too like being full of antioxidants and containing more protein then any other rice variety.

   Just the look of this salad assures you that its gonna make you feel great, its so colourful and vibrant, refreshing but satisfying! This is how I aim all good food should look like, at the end of the day we eat with our eyes first.

IMG_2300 copy

   And for taste sensation you just really have to try it, if you do, I would love to hear what you think!


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