I find Russia very traditional country. As an example cuisine hasn’t change much lets say in last 50 years..

   Yes now supermarkets has much more choice and abundance in products then in USSR, but main dishes, beverages and routine in preparing food is completely the same. My mother does everything that my grandmother used to do and my grandmother learned everything from her mother and list goes on.

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 12.08.53   Country has very strong dairy industry and its very easy to explain why. It so much space for farms or growing your animals if you live in the village. I grew up in quite a big city but I used to visit my grandma who lived in adorable little house with a huge garden. Now it would be my dream to have my own fruits and vegetables just around your front door but back then for me it was so normal because everyone had a place to grow something and prepare yourself for winter so I feel that I didn’t enjoy it fully..

   We never had a cow because my grandma said that their were too much work(you have to wake up at 5 am every day and walked them, they are really feed from the fields) but our neighbours had one and every evening we had fresh warm milk that separates almost instantly to cream and milk itself, it was soo good, as well as smetana(creme fraiche kind of thing) and tvorog(soft white cheese)

   So i spent my summers eating homemade pies and drinking fresh milk, but when I would come back to the city after summer break I would always find kefir in my fridge, the probiotic drink that does wonders to your body, internally and externally!

   Yes drinking it can aid your digestion, soothe the cramps, boost immunity but putting it on your hair with some honey makes a wonderful hair mask leaving them strong and silky and after you get burned it amazing to put it on your skin as it provides hydration and cooling it down instantly.

   It really wonderful-wonderful drink and I missed it and craved it constantly since I left Russia, but lucky for me now I can make my favourite drink at home in London and it’s vegan so everyone can enjoy it!




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