I used to be addicted to dairy. It was a shining star in all my meals. Yogurt, cheese, milk you named it… I could imagine my life without any of this products. So the biggest challenge for me when I first tried to go vegan was to say no to my beloved yogurt and fresh cheese.I was not ready and not educated very well about vegan lifestyle, so it was a bit of a struggle. I was dreaming about mouthful of creamy deliciousness on the beginning. 

   Here I think I should mention as well that my first went vegan because of my religion, I haven’t pan to embrace this lifestyle therefore haven’t done much research.

coconut yogurt

    As I am originally from Russia, I am an orthodox as a majority of population. And always wanted to try great fasting that followed by Easter but been intimidated for a long time. But that specific time frame when I decided try it just felt so right so I just went for it. And this was one of the best decisions of my life. Yes it was tough, but just because I didn’t have much knowledge. And I felt so much better after seven weeks were up both physically and emotionally. And funny thing is that my vegan challenge was over so I could buy my yogurt again and I did… I tried it and left it in the fridge. I was done with dairy..


    And 2 years later I don’t miss it. What i miss sometimes is mouthful of light and creamy deliciousness. This way all this time I was experimenting with creating good for you non dairy yogurt full of gut friendly probiotics. And it’s finally here. I love it much more then I used to any store-bought yogurt back on the days.




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