tropical green smoothie

Today is pretty cold over here. Spring is definitely not in a rush to come to NYC to warm us up. Lots of people think because I’m from very cold country that literally doesn’t matter to me how low temperature will drop. Well, they couldn’t be more wrong:) With all the pleasure in the world I would live somewhere tropical, near palms and fresh fruits all the year It’s not that I don’t like snow or winter itself, I think is one of the most beautiful seasons, but I just really really don’t like get cold. So sometimes on the day like this I just close my eyes and imagine myself on the beach, feeling warmness of the sun and listening to the sound of  the ocean. It sounds pretty great already but what can make this picture even more perfect? Just having this bowl in my hand. It does reminds me a lot about warm days somewhere exotic with huge array of the beautiful local copy

I gave it my super boost adding chia seeds and making it green, because hey… When it comes towards food green is my favourite colour.


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