I love raw food. I think it’s incredible how much goodness presented to us by nature itself and its a best gift that probably could give to yourself by trying to get in as much fresh, local, whole foods as possible. 

     So yeh… I really like to eat raw, but I’m not raw vegan and I don’t see myself becoming one in nearest feature. I think it’s most important to listen to your body and do whatever feels best for you at the moment and don’t put any boundaries that can stop you from being happy and healthy best version of yourself❤
     I like to keep at least 50 to 80 % of my food raw, this what makes me feel great and energised, you will have to come up with amount that good for you and work out how to incorporate it in your diet the best way. 
     The recipe that I will talk about today is a lifesaver when you are busy on the morning or have to leave home early. You can prepare everything in advance and just grab a jar when you need it. It is as well good way to get people interested in raw food by making its so colourful and vibrant. After all we all eat with our eyes first:)  so this kind of meal will give you not only long lasting energy, taste buds ecstasy and hopefully some extra sleep on the morning, but will improve your digestion dramatically because soaking your grains its best and far easiest step on the way to good health and happy mood.
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