IMG_6281 I remember first time that I came to New York it was spectacular

This is city is so different from anything that you ever will come across. It’s alive, every second of you being there something is happening, possibilities are endless.
But apart from euphoria of getting new impressions and creating amazing memories every day I was quite disappointed to see where I’m gonna live.
It was a huge town house BUT I had 12 girls to share it with. And I was quite upset to see my chocolate disappearing from my bedside table without me eating it
I came from a small family and really wasn’t used to wait in line for the bathroom for half an hour on the morning(and that would be just if I’m lucky). 
Yeah that was definitely not greatest model apartment but I met some interesting people and one of my best friends for live there. 
We had a small truck almost in front selling coffee and all kind of breakfast pastries, I was already gluten free so I didn’t eat any of those but my roommate was literally addicted and almost every day she complained that they run out AGAIN from her favourite lemon and poppy-seed muffin. But when she could put her hands on it, she had almost euphoria just from eating simple pastry so watching like food can transform people’s mood that much is very motivational for me to go and find how I can cook it so everyone including me can enjoy it:)
These muffins are perfectly soft and fluffy with a light scent of lemon and crunchy poppy seeds and I think that you really should give them a try!



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