Hello dear friends:)

   So it’s 7 o’clock on the morning and I’m already sitting on the backstage of the show waiting for my hair to be done. The only thing that brightening up my morning now it this cookies that I wisely pack for my breakfast along with figs strawberries and energy balls. And let me tell you, I’m getting quite a lot of attention and jealous looks with my selection right now;).
   I always pack meals or snack for me to take to work especially when I’m doing shows, because on the shoots you usually can get some options, but for these massive events they have to preorder everything ahead of time and somehow hardly any healthy stuff. Like today it was giant plate of croissants for breakfast not even single piece of fruit!
    I love to talk about vegan lifestyle and what is the best opportunity to show how wonderful healthy vegan food could be if not to show it yourself. Lots of people really have wrong idea looking at it as at something restrictive and boring. But reality is that opportunities are unlimited you just need to have little bit of knowledge and inspiration to cook beautiful food in comfort of your own home.
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