This is the first post of the new 2016 year. First of all I want to wish everyone who reads it a very happy and healthy new year.

IMG_4406    2015 was important for me in so many ways.. I met lots of people who as passionate about healthy living as I am, I opened my Instagram account(the major source of connection with those people:)).. But the most important I grew as a person, I tried to overcome some live obstacles as best as I could without losing myself. I’m very sensitive person and take lots of staff very close to my heart therefore I do suffer with the stress issues maybe more then most of the people. I develop some techniques through the years… Like meditation and yoga is a great help! Conscious breathing is the most important and of course good food, which is bringing us to the main subject of this little post.

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    Whenever I get stressed I get upset tommy, cramps definitely don’t go in my imagination with happy me so I tried to include in my daily routine probiotic rich food like sauerkraut and yogurt and that definitely did it magic. Of course if your problems are deeper then simple digestive distress you will have to work harder to clear them up but anyway including more homemade fermented food is a great step in the way of healthy self love and taking care about yourself.

IMG_4412    I  have already recipe for yogurt in my blog but I find this one really different from coconut yogurt that I posted earlier. First is fully raw and second I think its easier to make and more soothing for a tommy. But both of them have their uses for sure like coconut yogurt is great in desserts and more familiar to everyone who is just transitioning to a vegan lifestyle. I really hope that you will ahve this one a try and if you do please let me know what do you think!

IMG_4117 copy[amd-zlrecipe-recipe:23]


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