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I’m very active person. I walk a lot daily due to my work and I try to workout every day even if its just for 20 minutes. I think that consistency is really a key when it comes to exercising. At least it what worked for me. I feel much better doing small intense workout everyday then training for two hours lets say twice per week. But everybody is different and of course you need to find what  suits you best.

On my day off I like to do longer session and since my favourite routine is power yoga, after all inversions I can become light headed. And I found that having something sweet, plant based and rich in protein always helps instantly to recover or can really help your performance if you have it 30 minutes before you start.  Before we continue with the recipe I wanted to take a minute and tell how much yoga helped me in numerous ways. From improving my sleep and letting go from the things that you know you can not stress about but just can not help it to curing the headaches that I had on the daily basis. So I highly recommend starting with even small sequence if you are new and trying to find YOUR teacher till you feel happy with your practice, because that is really a key.

This is wonderful snack idea or post workout treat.

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