Everyone has a favourite dessert and for me it is for sure an ice cream.

   Not even sightliest doubts here, when I was a kid in post USSR Russia I used to cry just for ice cream because it was sometimes not easy to get it and my mother always promised me one if I would behave.

   But when you get to the shop and it doesn’t have any what would you do and how you would explain it to 3 years old little ice cream fun)? My childhood filled with stories about my ice cream obsession that my mother told me, I was too small to remember them. I do apologies for any crying now in front of my mother, she is my lucky star and key person in my life and I can not even express my gratitude to her.

    But back to ice cream talk. 
    The one that I’m gonna share with you today is far from any varieties that I could get back in Russia and with the main ingredient that I never even heard before few years back when I went vegan. Spirulina is blue algae and one of my favourite superfoods. It’s high in protein, vitamin B and iron. Lots of people dislike the taste, but in this ice cream I promise it’s not prominent but well balanced and if you would ask me it’s a great way to get in more of this goodness. It looks gorgeous and taste very refreshing, creamy and fruity. This is my perfect ice cream now and it always leaves me feeling great, balanced and happy. Hope you will give this recipe a try and let me know how is it going




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