Finally we feel the full power of the spring. These lovely warm days; sunshine and an overload with spring vegetables are just the best things ever.

But on the way to all this happiness our body has to go through a lot. First of all are vitamins and minerals deficiency after a long winter. 

This salad really came to my rescue this spring; I literally cannot get enough. It’s full of good stuff, so easy to make and so delicious. Sprouts are the stars of this salad but all the veg combined together create a perfect balance for me. Spicy, crunchy, savory, sweet just perfection!

vegan waldorf salad

Beats are so earthy and detoxifying. By the way if you don’t like regular beet, you should give a try to golden beet, it has a milder flavor. Chile will kick start your digestion and boost immunity, avocado provides healthy fats, asparagus is an excellent source of vitamin Kfolate, copper, selenium, vitamin B2, vitamin C, and vitamin E 

I have been intimidated by sprouting for a long time. I didn’t know where to start, what to look for and what to do with them after.


But as soon as I read a few tips and learned a few tricks, the whole process became so fun. It’s like watching Nature at work. To see the little seeds awakening is just magical. Alfa sprouts are my favorites so I decided to give here direction and share the most important steps especially for them but the process would be pretty similar for the other seeds too.

  1. You should rinse the seeds and place them in glass jar overnight, cover them with a lid but don’t close it so there is some air circulating. Choose a jar that is at least 10 times bigger then the amount of seeds that you are aiming to sprout. They will take lots of space on the end


  1. In the morning drain the water and rinse the seeds again. I usually use the mason jars so at these point I would remove part of the lid and substitute it with a cheese cloth and place a rubber ban over it so it’s nice and secure then I put jar upside down on a little angle so excess of the moisture can escape.

And this is pretty much all you have to do now you just have to keep rinsing and draining twice per day and watch the nature in action. Make sure to drain all the water completely after you rinse them every time so you don’t grow any mold. But seed shouldn’t stay dry either, if you think that sprints starting to look too dry just rinse them one more time.

I like my sprouts to develop little green leaves and get some chlorophyll so I’m letting them grow usually 5 or 6 days but they are ready after 3, so it’s absolutely up to you when to stop the process as well keep in mind that on the refrigerator they will still continue sprouting but just at a much slower pace. They can be kept for around a week in the fridge just rinse them before eating.

Sprouts are awesome addition to any salad, soup or blended into smoothie, just have fun with them, and let me know if you have any questions. 



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