Making your own bread is a highly satisfying process. It’s  just something about seeing how simple flour turns into the dough and then it rises, bakes and fills your home with unbelievable aroma, that makes you wait impatiently, looking through the oven’s door till it finally ready and you can get the warm crusty edge all to yourself…. Oh maybe it just me…

Back to the recipe. It does require a sourdough starter and of course, you can use normal yeast instead but adding starter here instead is so beneficial. it gives more complex, developed flavor and it has so much goodness, like vitamins B and probiotics. I promise you will never regret of taking 25 minutes out of your life to make sourdough starter(maybe even less, after all every day you just have to add tablespoon of water and tablespoon of flour to the jar and that’s all that it takes:)) If you want more detailed post about how to make sourdough starter just let me know as well and I will do that for you!

Now back to this loaf. It’s rapidly become a big hit in our family because of its unique taste and sunny appearance. It’s higher in protein, has anti-inflammatory abilities and makes a great toast! Really addition of turmeric just sky rocked the nutritional profile. Did you know that turmeric is as effective as Prozac in treating depression and can be used as a natural painkiller? And just this bright yellow color alone will make any day brighter:) Requires really little effort in making as well, just some time waiting:) So let’s get started!






  1. Zhenya Evans June 7, 2017 at 10:37 pm

    It looks awesome! Great job!

    1. Victoria August 3, 2017 at 10:58 pm

      thank you for your kind words


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