Tiramisu was always one of my favourite desserts. Well a very poor copy of tiramisu If I’m being completely honest, just because it’s hard to do tiramisu in Russia where mascarpone doesn’t exist. But even that version was amazing for me! This dessert is just perfection especially if you are a coffee lover.

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  When I started traveling and first visited Italy I was already gluten free so tiramisu was not reachable… Then I met my husband and find out that he loves tiramisu one hundred times more than me so I had to learn how to make it old fashioned way. He loved it as all our friends did, but I couldn’t eat it. Torture….:) So the only option for me was to start working on vegan and gluten free tiramisu. And I’s so pleased with the result now. The sponge is airy, the cream is light and luxurious and then coffee notes are coming through. Just so delicious. And the best part is when I served it the first time no one noticed the difference or they just didn’t seem to care because the whole thing was gone in a matter of minutes. Best compliment to the chef:)

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